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Mulcher rotor production

In 2020, a German partner company ordered rotors from us. We have been manufacturing various rotors for this company for several years. Our partnership started 6-7 years ago, when we only built balancing machines and did balancing for Hungarian companies.

We were surprised when the customer asked us to produce rotors for their newly developed forestry mulching machines. These were very large rotors weighing several hundred kilograms, but we did not actually have any machinery to produce these rotors. Our German partner thought that our experience in the production of balancing machines and balancing could be the basis for the production of the rotors, and we could acquire the missing knowledge during the production. We got a big and old lathe and during several months we produced some rotors. After installing them in the machine, they worked very well, so we received new orders for the production of various types of rotors. Our customer did not hide from us that he had also tested other suppliers who worked cheaper, but their products were not up to the mark. The new family of mulching machines became successful, so our partner received more and more orders for them. Because his capacity in the plant in Germany was too small, we received more and more orders from him every year. For production we built a new workshop, bought and built machines. Today the production runs in a well-equipped workshop. We have increased the number of employees and also improved the efficiency.

  • The steps of production:
  • Turning of the tube
  • Balancing of the rotor center tube
  • Inserting and welding the side walls
  • Marking the position of tool holders
  • Welding of tool holders (MÍG welding)
  • Turning of rotor, reworking of connecting and sealing surfaces
  • Paint priming
  • Installation of tools, tightening with torque wrench
  • Mounting of rotor end stubs, tightening of screws with torque wrench
  • Dynamic balancing of the rotor with a very high precision
  • Stamping of the individual identification number
  • Painting with black topcoat RAL 9005
  • Packing on transport pallets, preservation of axles with grease, preparation of protocols.
  • The delivered rotors are ready for installation, after mounting the bearings they can be installed into the machine.

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