Latest Project 2

Fan impeller production

In 2020 we were asked to produce fan impellers. The fan works in an oven of a fine bakery, and is used for mixing the hot air. The oven was developed by a small Hungarian company with 3 employees and is also built here. The impeller is a “hamster wheel" type, and is mounted on the shaft of a standard electric motor. The manufacturer of the oven needs 30 pieces of impellers per year. Previously, we did not manufacture such products, but we have both seen and balanced impellers in the past. We have a partner who deals with laser cutting, in their company the components of the impellers were cut out from a steel sheet with 1 and 2 mm. We built a tool to bend the blades and another to assemble the impellers. The hub center of the impellers was constructed with lathe and also with lathe chisel. At the end of the production, the impellers are dynamically balanced and ready for installation.

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