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A flexible companylocated in Hungary

Our company is located in Hungary, it is very small but very flexible. We have 8-12 employees, the number of which always depends on the current projects (works). The floor space of our workshop is 400 m², we also have a warehouse, a 5ton crane and parking spaces. We are engaged in metalworking. Our main profile is balancing, for 20 years we have produced balancing machines.

We can balance rotors between 2g and 10 tons. We have 8 different balancing machines. Some of our machines are portable, with these we can also balance rotors on site at our clients. We have many partners who use our services. We can balance the rotors of airplanes, agricultural machines, machine tools, electronic drives, pumps, fans and vehicles.

Having manufactured more than 100 balancing machines and several thousands of balanced rotors, we have unique practical and theoretical engineering knowledge in this field. In recent years we started manufacturing rotors for mulching machines.

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We have a German client who encouraged us to manufacture latest generation rotors. We have bought turning and welding machines and built target machines to produce large rotors in small and medium production volume. Now serial production is already underway. The smallest rotor weighs 200 kg and the largest 1200 kg. The manufactured rotors are very precisely balanced and are ready for installation in the machines. We do not have modern CNC machine tools suitable for mass production.

We have traditional machine tools: Lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, etc. We also have modern water-cooled welding machines MIG/MAG with great power and also excellent welders. We are ready to take on orders that match our workshop capacity and skills. Our experience in balancing helps in the production of rotors in machines. In recent years we have also produced impellers for fans in a smaller production volume.

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