Expert in balancing

This is where
balanced rotors are born

Expert in balancing

This is where
balanced rotors are born

Expert in balancing

This is where
balanced rotors are born

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01. Small and flexible company

Really small and very flexible metal working company employing 8-12 workers

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02. Mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge

Experience in production of balancing machines, in-site balancing, static and dynamic balancing.

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03. Experience in production

Experience in the production of rotating welded steel machine parts.

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04. Easy Transportation

Location in Hungary, production for EU markets, good prices, easy transportation.

About us

A Hungarian companyworking in a special field

We are a small Hungarian company working in a special field for several decades. In the past we only produced balancing machines and balancing measuring equipment.

Nowadays our main activities are metalworking production in the metal industry and the balancing field. We have got traditional machines with which we can produce small series of production. We produce balanced rotors of machines for Hungarian and German customers.

We also balance many types of machine rotors. These are mainly components of agricultural machines, machine tools, airplanes, vehicles, machines in the milling industry, pumps and fans. We have many different balancing machines, small and large, universal and special, so we can easily solve even unusual balancing tasks.

We also have portable, mobile balancing machines, with which we can also balance on the site of our customers, or we can rent these machines too.

In the workshop there is also a crane with 5-ton loading capacity.

Among our employees we have engineers, mechanical technicians, welders, locksmiths and plumbers. They all have a lot of experience and are dedicated.

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